Keenan is a young theatre-maker from Cape Town, South Africa. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Vocals, Drama and English and Bmus Honours in Jazz Vocal Performances, he is a diverse performer with expertise in many fields of performance and art. He has appeared in several musical productions and concerts at notable South African theatres such as the Baxter, Artscape Theatre Centre and Theatre on the Bay. After graduating from the University of Cape Town, he began a successful career in arts education, directing and training youth in theatre, vocal and general music studies. 

Keenan is a founding member of Mixing Bowl Productions, an independent music theatre company which focuses on the promotion of alternate and contemporary music theatre works. As Artistic Director he has produced and directed two premier devised pieces at the South African National Arts Festival.

Keenan is currently a MFA Directing for Theatre 2020 candidate at Columbia University under the tutelage and mentorship of Anne Bogart, Brian Kulick and Tina Landau. He is currently based in New York


Keenan’s theatre is particularly interested in exploring the act of collective imagination and to invest in an active conversation between the performance and the audience through an interrogation and manipulation of theatrical form. His work seeks to explore and destabilise the traditional western forms of theatre. It is in conversation with the form of theatre itself through narrative or the physical construct of theatre. His generative work seeks to interrogate the traditional Aristotelian hierarchy of theatrical ideas, ultimately asking the question can we use large imagination to move beyond the boundaries of ourselves in order to get in touch with the sacred dimensions of our experience.

His goal is to create theatre that is powerful in its relevance and relation to the contemporary human experience, work that challenges social and political conventions and norms but which also has strong emotional and personal resonance. He also seeks to create work that relates and speaks to his particular cultural, ethnical and social background but that has universal theatrical appeal.

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