by Samuel Grabiner

Neptune is the eighth and farthest known planet from our Sun. It is gigantic, cold and dark with supersonic winds and 14 moons. At its core, a rock-like structure has been discovered, about the same size as our planet earth. It’s atmosphere, though, is made up of a thick blue gas-like substance of which we know next to nothing.

Ben, Molly, Harry and Sarah have been looking out into that blue fog for a while now.

Patrick Andrew Jones
Mahayla Laurence
Nicholas McGovern
Geena Quintos

Sound Design: Jacob K. Robinson

Design: Keenan Oliphant

Stage Manger: Iris Rosenblum-Sellers

Producer: Sean Anthony Chia

Studio @ Schapiro Columbia Univeristy

3-5 May 2019 New York 

Photography: Annie Wang