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The Self-Combustion of a 30 something year old Chet; or, Icarus tries to Catch the Sun 


Chet is flying. Flying high. Above Freedom. Towards combustion. Towards the Sun. 


The Self Combustion… is a performance poem investigating modern mythology and the freedom, privilege and corruption of White Patriarchy using the body and biography of the ‘mythical’ Chet Baker. The piece follows a mythical Chet Baker through a heroin high where he morphs with -- and becomes -- Icarus flying towards the sun. The piece reframes Baker’s biography as a myth that traps and frees Baker. Although it leads him to his ultimate demise and death, is this what he’s been wanting all along? Is this the ultimate freedom? To combust?

Co-creator and Performer: Nicholas Michael McGovern

Sound Design: Jacob K. Robinson 

Lighting Design: Erin Earle Flemming

Design: Keenan Tyler Oliphant

Dramaturgical Consultant: Elizagrace Madrone

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