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by Jay Stull


queen is church, queered, with the godhead excised, modified, transposed, sutured, and rehabilitated. queen is how change happens. queen is what doesn’t change. queen is about queers communing to testify about desire and the body. queen is about the body: big and small bodies, sexed bodies, pieced bodies, buff and slack bodies, femme bodies, and aging bodies. queen is about sex. Actual sex. Fantastical sex. Imagined sex. Safe sex and risky sex. Fearful and funny and fearless sex. queen is a space for music, language, and movement. queen has meanings: historical, cultural, multitudinous, layered, derogatory, appropriated, reclaimed. queen is a site: improvisational, all-purpose, re-purposed, empty, secret, and open. 


queen is a text that serves as a trellis for ritualized community engagement. queen is a conversation that begins with the pages submitted below. From those pages, we engage queer artists and invite them to testify or make non-text based work about their own desires and bodies. We cut and piece these works together and invite friends seeking community to witness the piecing, to join in song, and to lean on one another in body. 


queen endeavors to disintegrate the fourth wall of theater-making, recognizing spectatorship as a practice of violence. queen is everyone in the room. queen is being in close proximity. queen is asking permission. queen is listening. queen begins modestly and ends modestly. queen can be very low-tech. queen can also use projections, amplification, and lights. queen can be for ten people or one hundred people. 


Sam Bolen

Iris Garrison- Driscoll

Cyree Jarelle Johnson

Renita Lewis

Noah Mease

Johnny G. Lloyd

Nicholas Williams

Design: Noah Mease

Projection Design: Izmir Ickbal

Lighting Design: Zizi Abdul Majid 

Production Stage Manager: Aimee-Marie Alvarez Holland

Dixon Place 

Hot Fest

19 July 2018 New York

Photography: Annie Wang

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