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Kyk Hoe Skyn Die Son [Look at how the Sun Shines]

Creator and Director

I look in your eyes through multiple screens and the distance between us feels so vast—Do you remember me? Can I reach out to you through words on a page? Can our spirits commune as you move towards the ancestors?
I’ll sit. For 20 minutes. And write. To You. To the Spirit of You. And we will try. Try.

Kyk hoe Skyn die Son [Look how the Sun Shines] is a multimedia conversation exploring preemptive mourning, distance, and the fragmentation of memory. Keenan Tyler Oliphant writes a letter, live and on-screen, to spiritually commune with his 86 year old Grandmother in South Africa who is slowly being taken by dementia. A collection of artists reimagine Oliphant’s memories, which stream over his attempt to write and create a kaleidoscope of grief, loss, and longing.

Director of Photography and Editing by Dion Lamar Mills

Produced by Sami Pyne

Lighting Supervision by Erin Earle Fleming

My Blood if Full sound installation script and Sound Design by Nazareth Hassan

Vocal Performances by James Edward Becton and Nia Akilah Robinson

Video Performances by David Glover, Mahayla Laurence, and Vuyo Sotashe

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