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The View
by Phillip Rademeyer


In some dystopian future, all homosexual people have been shipped off into space. From his hermetically sealed pod, the Boy looks down on a ruined, devastated Earth. He asks his last favor: a cassette tape containing messages from various people and influences he has known in his life.

This production of The View was created specifically for live filmed and was viewed virtually through live streaming. 

Staring David Glover as Boy

Charles Anthony, Taylor Bloom, Brenda Crawley, Claire Curtis-Ward, Joseph DalfonsoNatasha Hakata, Jarret Jung, Mahayla Laurence, Vaughn Pole, Vuyo SotasheAlejandra Venancio, and Marc Verzatt.

Producer: Sami Pyne
Dramaturg: Elizagrace "EG" Madrone
Production Stage Manager: Kait Mahoney 
Projection/Video Design: Alessandra Cronin
Projection/Video Engineer: Andrew Freeburg
Lighting Design: Erin Earle Fleming and Corey Whittemore
Sound Designer: Nina Field
Composition: Andrew Orkin
Design: Keenan Tyler Oliphant
Scenic Consultant: 
Andrew Moerdyk
Company Management Anthony Louis Massa

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