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A theatrical investigation into how concept and text can converse in a way that allows to see the thing and ourselves a-new. This production of Romeo and Juliet analyses the role of masculinity in Romeo and Juliet. The production engages with masculinity as the dominant force of oppression in the world of Romeo and Juliet, and in essence uses the storyline as an analogy for the creation of masculine identity. Using Romeo and Juliet as a metaphor for the process of identity forming in contemporary society, the production is an investigation into White Masculinity as social norm. Nine performers went through an in-depth physical devising process in attempt to heighten the visceral nature of Shakespearean language.


Text: William Shakespeare

Dramaturgy: Annie Wang


Nathaniel Ansbach

Colin Barham

Taylor Bloom

Joshua Bouchard

Henry Eden

Alex Kraft

Michael Ryan Palmer

Samuel Saravolatz

Conor Sweeney

Patrick Andrew Jones (Voice)

Riverside Church Columbia University

12-14 April 2019 New York


Photography: Annie Wang

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